With few exceptions, the first generation of a technology’s life span is usually a bit rough around the edges. I’m sure, in time, YouTube’s auto closed captioning will be one of those uncanny bits of tech that will no doubt contribute to the eventual Skynet-like world take over scenario that Google is inching its way towards with every cat video upload but for now its my favorite new way to laugh. I learned two things in watching nearly every video in the past week or so with captions on.

  1. Any word that starts with the letter “C” has like a 75% chance of awesomely being auto-captioned as slang for a certain part of the male anatomy.
  2. The more pedestrian the video, the funnier the caption. I have never masturbated less laughed harder at beauty videos than since I discover it.

I’m hoping this isn’t one of those great features they eventually phase out like the loading screen “Snake” game of YouTube yesteryear but right now its alive and glitchin’ so load up the dullest thing you can find, grab a beer loved one and enjoy the utter randomness of YT’s auto closed captioning.

See below for 3 of my favorite from my digital travels in the last week.

Zabrena - Weird Beauty Tips - Lightly Scrub the cock
Beauty expert Zabrena revealing a time tested beauty tip thats guaranteed to get a reacting from your man.
Just Between Us - Roomate Cockblock - Front USB canon cock
Almost funnier than the “Just Between Us” bit is the total randomness of the auto captioned phrases.
Archies Weird Mysteries - Attack of the 50 foot Veronica - Hiking on the cock
I knew Betty wasn’t the goodie-goodie she always pretends to be. “Hiking”, so amazing.



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