The Addams Family Review

I like my women like I like my movies; unusual, funny and only around for about an hour and a half. Addams Family is that special breed of movie. Its a wonderful early 90's popcorn flick thats totally undeserving of its relatively low ratings.

New Cutey Honey Review

This eight episode OVA has all the weird stereotypes you'd from an early 90s anime like over-the-top violence, quasi-pedophilia, robots, absurdly muscular villains, magical girl transformations, tentacles, dirty old men, screaming and of course over-sized physics defying breasts.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret Of The Ooze Review

TMNT 2 is a beloved train-wreck of a movie. In the heat of Ninja fever, the studio hauled ass to pump out a sequel and in 1991, less than a year after the first one, we got one; Secret of the Ooze. Unfortunately this pizza came out kinda half baked.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Review

As far as live action entries, TMNT 1 is the high water mark. Its actually kind of amazing we got Turtles movie that attempted to respect its source material in the first place. If we didn't have an indie studio developing and the creators with so much influence on it we may have ended up with something more along the lines of the face palm fest of TMNT 2 and 3.

What your Netflix Queue Says About You

With the right kind of eyes a Netflix queue will tell you everything you want to know about someone. If you only watch Hannah Montana and slasher films, I want to know so I can steer the hell away from you, well, unless your hot, then I'd say lets get together for weirdest double feature ever. This is a list of genres and the kinds of people they draw.

The Wonderful World Of WonderCon

For the past few years on Easter weekend, Anaheim has played host to WonderCon, a miniaturized version of the wildly popular Comic-Con. Crowds of godless weirdos like myself devoid of anyone to spend Easter with, descend into the Southern California town thats only really known for housing Disneyland to celebrate all the nerdy things that make us smile

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Review

There are some terrifically cool moments in LB3 and it was great to see all my favorite DC characters so vibrantly and respectfully rendered, I just wish they would have thought a little less about who else should be in the character roster and a little more about the experience of the player who's been in the Lego-verse more than a few times before.