Kung Fury Review

"Tank you" very much David Sandberg and Laser Unicorns for writing such a heartfelt love letter to the 1980s action/fantasy genre.


As a child while my contemporaries were participating in group activities playing Soccer, Baseball or getting molested by creepy single dads their Boy Scout merit badges, I was in my parents basement surfing my way through a seemingly endless supply of well traveled VHS cassettes of low budget action and fantasy movies that were way above my PG-13 clearance. By the time I was 16 I’d watched so many Seagal and Schwarzenegger flicks that during my whole first year as a new driver I kept compulsively checking my rear view mirror to see if i was being tailed by “the bad guys”.

I love everything about the now long lost “Revenge cop” genre of the 1980s so to see David Sandberg and his company Laser Unicorns pen such a heartfelt love letter to the genre with their short “Kung Fury” just brings teary-eyed right back to glow of the TV lit basement of my youth. Creators like David and Co. excite have the tools, talent and determination to take those great “hey it wouldn’t be funny if” ideas that we all come up in conversations with our Batman figures in our empty apartments friends and pound them out until they are reality. In 2013 he took the proof-of-concept trailer to the people to raise the funds through Kickstarter to finish off the movie. Six hundred and thirty something thousand dollars later he proved to the naysayers that “narrow” is the new “broad” and that there is more than a measurable demand for a movies that have a crazier plot synopsis than New Cutey Honey.

Reviewing this movie would be impossible since its so abbreviated but even in its condensed structure, there is so much to appreciate. My favorite moments are below.

1. The Angry Police Chief

Kung Fury Police Chief Scene
The token angry police chief scene, complete with a “heres your new partner / I work alone” line.

Beverly Hills cop, Lethal Weapon, every classic has one. Kung Fury is no exception.

2. Hackerman’s Techno-babble

Kung Fury - Hackerman's place
Kung Fury keeping pace with the 80’s cliches. The basement dwelling super nerd with impossible technological abilities.

On the same level of absurd as Donatello in TMNT 3. Fake science techno-babble is my fetish. Someone open a website that just has hot girls saying things like “Using an RX modulator I might be able to conduct a mainframe cell direct and hack the uplink to the download” topless.

3. Pixel Art & The Animated Sequences

Kung Fury - Pixel art and Animations
Period perfect pixel and hand drawn animation sequences as seen in the Hackerman time hack (Left) and the heaven sequence (right) from the end of the movie.

Growing up on a steady diet of SNES cartridges and 90s anime, tributes like these stir the long buried spirit of the highschool yearbook version of myself.

3. The golden one-liners

Kung Fury - Tank you
“I’m disarming you”. Just one of the many golden one-liners in Kung Fury.

Kung Fury has a higher OPM than any of the golden age Stephen Segal classics, and thats saying something. Other favorite from the film: “With the right computer algorithms I can hack you back in time” – “Well then it’s hacking time”.

4. The Insane Cast Of Characters

Kung Fury - Cast of Characters
Featuring King of the Gods, a renegade kung fu cop, a talking T-Rex, automatic weapon wield viking babes, a hacker and a cop who happens to be a Triceratops.

Kung fury has to have one of the craziest cast of characters I’ve ever seen and I’ve made it through Anime series that had talking penises as main characters.

5. The Soundtrack

Kung Fury - Vinyl Soundtrack release
The amazing soundtrack for the movie featuring the best and brightest from the Retrowave community including; Mitch Murder, Lost Years, Betamaxx, Highway Superstar and David Hasselhoff (yes THE Hoff). Click to purchase from the Kung Fury store.

You can find David, Laser Unicorns and more about Kung Fury on Twitter and their Facebook page. You can join all of us at Rawket Lawnchair in pulling for the release of the new feature-length movie set in the same universe that is currently in-the-works.


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