Original 1976 Cover art for Alice in Wonderland: An X-Rated Musical Comedy

So much of me, one part more than others, wishes that I was around for the hugely sex positive decade of the 1970s. I don’t know exactly when it happened, maybe it was the AIDS epidemic or fallout of all those lost brain cells from the cocaine fueled nights of the 80s but somewhere we collectively got scared of sex. Movies like this make you really morn the loss of the cinematic era of adult films. Porn with a story, a sense of joy around sexuality, the element of creativity. This current grab your dick and double click generation is unaware of that sex without foreplay is hollow and un-fulfilling and the same is true in porn. I’m annoyed with what sexuality has mutated into in the mainstream. Like Tweedledee and Tweedledum, sensuality is the other half of sexuality and is never quite “right” without the other.

Oogaloos and Boogaloos and Scruggs and little Muggies
“Oogaloos and Boogaloos and Scruggs and little Muggies. We’re part of life, the part of life you gotta see.”

Alice in Wonderland is a wonderfully curious cultural product on the 1970s, unlike any other I’ve seen. Imagine a film with all the colorful characters, cute musical numbers and scenes of endearing innocence that Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory had but with less children and more blowjobs and you would have Alice in Wonderland. Kristine De Bell as Alice is really what what makes this picture so memorable. She manages to bring a doe-eyed purity to the role that always keeps the film from feeling sleazy. In the hands of a less talented actress, this film would have fallen apart immediately but she manages to do the impossible and make a finger-banging scene in the wood of wonderland feel like an important life lesson about self exploration. You probably recognize her as A.L. from the Bill Murray comedy classic “Meatballs” and a handful of features from the 80s. She was such a likable and natural actress that she really makes you wonder why there has always been such a clear distinction between mainstream and adult actors, and with mainstream and adult films in general. There are times when the warm fuzziness of the 70s film stock, the great soundtrack and solid acting lull you into thinking your in a normal mainstream picture and the sudden appearance of a cock can be rather startling. What I find most surprising about Alice is that even when the film segways into “adult” scenes it treats those with the same tender cinematic approach as the rest of the scenes, film score and all. Hell, the score for the humping scenes in this flick is better than half of the multi-million dollar mainstream movies of the same year.

Tony Richards, Bree Anthony and Kristine De Bell as Tweedledee, Tweedledum and Alice respectively
Tony Richards, Bree Anthony and Kristine De Bell in a post-coital musical number as Tweedledee, Tweedledum and Alice.

Make it fun. Its a simple concept thats lost on too many adult and mainstream flicks alike. You cant help getting through this movie without smiling. You can tell the writers had a good time writing this too. There are some moments of absurdity here, my favorite being the whole musical number with the “Black” Knight and company. “Whats a nice girl like you doing on knight like this?”. The film was produced by William Osco, the producer of the very first mainstream adult film, Mona in 1970, and its sequel, Harlot, as well as the wildly ridiculous sci-fi erotic epic, Flesh Gordon. His great taste for the absurd is in top form here and is a perfect example of the kind of fun titillating stories that shouldn’t be so rare in the scatterbrained history of adult cinema.

"Whats a nice girl like you doing, on a Knight like this?"
“Whats a nice girl like you doing, on a Knight like me?”

Its a fun, literal and metaphorical romp in the woods of pleasure. The choreography, the music, the delicious 70s low budget production value, its sadly one of only a very few of its kind and caliber.


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