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The world of streaming cam girls is one I was completely unfamiliar with until last night. It was the end of a long hard day of Playing Fallout 4 writing and I decided to kick back and check out some of the personalities from the hilarious WoodRocket Christmas Special on Twitter. Just as I began looking at the stream of Tweets of x-rated ventriloquist camgirl Veronica Chaos, the screen refreshed and announced that she was about to come online right now for a show. So I clumsily clicked around her sites until I found her very clearly linked page where sure enough, she was found, smiling at the screen sporting an elegantly styled mane of fiery hair and thin specs while she waited for her digital video chat room to fill up. I panicked and quickly closed the window, uncomfortable with the notion of being the sole occupant staring through the one way digital window at the formidable beauty. I came back, minutes later and the room was now flush with viewers and the atmosphere was now a party. Classic songs were requested. Childhood stories were told. A cutesy impromptu cane dance commenced followed by an extended monologue covering a wide range of topics from the standards of beauty across the years to a much detested comic book artist. Her show felt much more like the sort of experience you would have with a friend on Facetime on a lonely Saturday night, except this friend strips and is way better looking in her birthday suit than anyone who has your phone number.

Veronica Chaos - chatroom -
The chatroom is much more like a group of friends catching up after a long work week than the seedy digital strip club the uninitiated might assume it would be.

Each chat room operator can set specific goals (see top center of above screenshot) to be reach at different token donation levels. A token is the site’s digital currency, linked to real money. I was so absorbed in my virgin cam viewing voyage and remembering how hilariously bizarre Rob Liefeld’s 90s comic characters looked, that I didn’t see the little sign at the top announcing we’d reached the first donation goal marker of “top off at 2000 tokens”. If only the PBS Telethons of my youth had a similar mechanic, I would totally have donated my lunch money to have the cast of “Riverdance” do their thing in various states of undress. With sexy mode engaged I could hear a cold shower calling me but I did stick around long enough to know that she can definitely manipulate her viewers heart rates as expertly as she does her occasional puppet costars mouths.

I applaud anyone willing to work at the crossroads of funny and sexy a porno featuring a wooden dummy of Beetlejuice banging Lydia Deetz definitely qualifies as real estate in that town.
I applaud anyone willing to work at the crossroads of funny and sexy and an indie porno featuring a wooden dummy of Beetlejuice banging Lydia Deetz definitely qualifies as prime real estate in that intersection.

Yes, in addition to rather expertly providing the voices and motion for the dummies, she also performs all manor of sexy things with the puppets as is made wildly obvious by the selection of hilarious themed videos found on her website and MFC pages. There are numerous porny scenes featuring Veronica, and her trusty puppet side kick Slappy, dressed as characters from beloved family movies classics like Addams Family, Harry Potter and Beetlejuice. There is something about awesome about childhood nostalgia being inappropriately fused with sex and humor. For me, an erotic thrill is much more about stimulating my mind than spotlighting anatomy. With her colorfully imaginative brand of smut, Veronica has a created a cool little pirate ship to sail the often turbulent porny seas of the interweb and while I may not be much of a porn or cam watcher, I may find myself, in the not too distant future anonymously, peering into her world, sliding a tip or two as a thank you for making some truly wonderfully weird stuff and secretly hoping she’ll cover other children’s classics like E.T. and Beauty and the Beast with the same twisted boldness as the other entries.

You can catch more of Veronica in her Huffington Post feature, her article, on her Twitter as well as on her websites and her MyFreeCams page. You can support her by donating at her shows and by signing up for a subscription to her website.

Ace Dudeman
Ace Dudeman

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