Photo credit : Eva Rinaldi -
Photo credit : Eva Rinaldi -

The Sex-worker occupation is one that gets a fairly bad rap in the mainstream. Much like if you asked the average person to describe “anime” they’d mention yelling, robots and exquisitely well drawn tentacle rape scenes, the word “Pornstar” comes with its own default image in the collective consciousness. But the dim, bleach blonde, super tan, fake boob equipped, drug addicted party girl is not the reality. Sure the porn industry has its share of people who fit this description but when I look at the landscape, for the most part, I see a collection of smart, hard working outlier entrepreneurs who chose this line of work because sexuality was at the core of who they are.

Angela Whites’s logo is a perfect example of the level of stylish quality and care she brings to all her work. ©

People like Angela White, who from a very young age knew she wanted to spend her life in a community where her sexuality would be celebrated instead of shunned. Now at the age of 30, she is still very much the same intelligent determined woman she was when she first began her sexual expedition back in 2003, but now, 12 years into her career, she’s grown into her body and her business with remarkable style and grace. Some may laugh at the notion of the evolution of ones ability to have sex on camera but I don’t see it as any different than any high performer perfecting their game. It takes years of practice and looking inward took to grow into the formidable presence of a high performer in their prime, and in her prime she is. Sure, she can roll around naked on screen like a champ but to simply describe her as a “Pornstar” is to sell her short. She’s a healthy, well educated, business woman who runs her own production company,, where, as of 2013, she exclusively releases the films she writes, directs and edits. She’s not all that different than most indie film makers with the exception that she looks a lot better mid-coitus then they would and her films have a clear beginning, middle and end.

A selection of DVDs from the store on
A selection of DVDs from the store on Hint: These movies are not buddy cop comedies.

One would think, as a single guy with Wi-Fi that I would already be well familiar with her signature curves but other than a wildly kinky popular candid video of her being awesome in a public library with a friend of hers, I was unfamiliar with who she was. I spend much of my free time pacing around a dark room alone reading about creators and performers and I somehow I surfed into the archived interviews section of, where 100’s of Pornstars interviews can be found. I shuffled through a dozen or so of these interviews all authored by a contributor named “Captain Jack” and found a few goofy stories about growing up sexy, what its like to be a sugar-daddy vampire and using the power of the kitty for good and not evil but nothing that really “penetrated” me, until I clicked on Angela’s interview. I’m a strange guy, I read without prejudice. I put the same amount of interest into reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle as I do a review of “Gapes, Gags and groans” so when I started reading through her answers after being anesthetized by the previous piles of vapid soulless ones, I was surprised to find such honest, endearing beautiful answers to some of life’s great questions like “when a guy pops where do you prefer it?“. Below are some of my favorite answers with my commentary.

*Excerpts taken from Captain Jack’s interview located at

Captain Jack: You’re a hot young girl that’s comfortable with her sexuality. Have you ever used your looks or your body to get special favors? (i.e. out of a speeding ticket, free car repairs, etc)

Angela: No. I do everything in my power to make sure I don’t get anything because of my looks alone. In certain circumstances I will hide my body to make sure I am taken seriously on an intellectual level. I covered my curves while I was at University. I’m a multidimensional person, I’m independent, I take responsibility for my actions and I can get things done without resorting to my sexuality. The only time I really use my looks is when I am modeling, and even then I’m expressing a feeling and living out a philosophy rather than just exposing my body.

Where so many of the answers given by other Pornstars to this stock question were the surface level “yeah I like totally get free drinks at the bar always”, Angela uses it as another opportunity to show the world the fully realized person she is. As I get older lonelier wiser I’ve realized there is nothing more sexy than a smart, determined someone on a mission. A really great looking person without depth is just a high priced special effect movie. Its cool once or twice and then you go and watch “When Harry Met Sally” another 10 times.

Captain Jack: When a guy pops, where do you prefer it?

Angela: It really depends on my mood and the chemistry that we share. I really enjoy feeling someone cum inside me. Especially if we are in a position where I can watch them fall apart as they give me a part of themselves.

I had a neighbor in college. One of three absolutely beautiful all american girls that I totally should have slept with gotten to know better, who used to referred to sex as a “spiritual union” of sorts. I used to laugh this off in my idiotic youth but in my older age I now know understand what she was talking about. Angela understands this notion. Nowhere are you more vulnerable and in-the-moment than in the climax of intimacy. You can hear her expand more on this philosophy in this great interview with Amber Petty.

Captain Jack: How did you come up with your stage name?

Angela: I use my real name. It was a deliberate political move. I wanted the world to know that I was happy and proud to publicly share my sexuality. There is still so much shame surrounding sex and sexuality and part of my life’s mission is to help people feel confident and comfortable about their sexual fantasies and desires.

One of the main things I took away from reading her interviews was that she hides behind nothing. She’s authentic, something that seems rarer and rarer in these days in all people. She’s consistent in her message, passionate about her work and really appears to be the brilliant, empathetic, healthy, sexy woman we all wish we had in our respective hometowns (and bedrooms).

OK, while I will admit there were more than a few cold showers involved in the making of this article, my spirit was the most aroused at its completion. Its an exciting time to be creator in any arena. The tools are incredible and affordable, the audience is global and if you can pull together a brand people are interested in, you can, like Angela, live life as your own boss, chasing down your dreams. Check out Angela White on her Website, Twitter and in this great interview with PLGRM.


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