About a year ago I broke up with porn, the longest relationship of my young life. Years of firing my blaster to the endless buffet of streaming porn on the internet had totally mutated my mind’s reward system and it was time for a drastic change. The cold turkey withdrawals were every bit as ugly as quitting Vicodin or Pink Easter Bunny Peeps but now that the neurochemical haze has cleared, I find myself kinda surprised at my feelings towards porn. I still love it. While I don’t compulsively watch and wack anymore, I do find myself looking into the bold personalities that have chosen sex work as a profession and the kinds of things they choose to create. Most recently “Camgirls” have caught my attention. Don’t worry I wasn’t familiar with the term either until wrote the feature on the 2015 WoodRocket Christmas Special. Today’s Camgirls, especially those are a wholly different breed than their Pornstar counterparts of decades past. They play by their own rules and they have the great benefit of being able to tap into powerful tech partners for distribution and advertising.

Not your average striptease with Vallie Beuys & HyruleFairy
MyFreeCams.com is not your grandfather’s striptease site. Proof positive by Vallie Beuys & HyruleFairy.

The partner of choice for most camgirls is MyFreeCams.com where they are armed with elegant tools to stream live shows and sell products featuring their own particular brand of smut spanning everything from the expected fetishes to the more awesomely bizarre like surprisingly hot encounters with wooden dummies. The site is essentially a collection chatrooms with associated video feeds where users can tip in site currency, which is converted from real money, for the models to entertain them. While it may sound a little like a digital strip club, that description doesn’t quite do it justice. Its a place to hang out and unwind. Viewers play games and watch videos with the hosts, songs are requested, prizes are raffled and jokes are told. Its reminds me much more the old Justin.tv chatrooms channels but with less Ancient Aliens reruns and more perky breasts. Its the personal nature of the format that makes it so engaging. Weather they vocalize it or not people want their porn to be personal. Its the dehumanizing format of the streaming clip sites that landed the adult industry, and our minds, in such a state a disrepair. Even if you only watch a few minutes of one show, its hard to not get swept away by the charisma of some of the performers. Take Camgirl Conner Jay for example. She’s the flame-haired, porcelain-skinned poster girl of the new generation of pornographers. In addition to being able to wield a dildo with the grace of Shakespeare with feather pen, she also happens to have a real talent for funny. Humor is important in my world. If you can make me laugh, there is little my tongue I won’t do to show my appreciation.

Camgirls Conner Jay and Veronica Chaos proving that they have a talent for Giggle as well as Jiggle.
Camgirls Conner Jay and Veronica Chaos proving that they have a talent for giggles as well as jiggles.

If you couldn’t tell from the rest of the site I’m a pretty sexual guy but I’m also extremely ambitious, which means, after all the day’s work is done, I have little time for the typical kinds of relationships that lead to sexy naked fun time. I am not alone in this either. Most people in today’s working world have become busier and more stressed by the struggle financial survival that the proposition of shouldering the extra emotional and time commitments that comes along with dating is just too much to handle. Sure, there is no replacement for person to person sexy time but talk to me after 15 hours of exhausting work and tell me if you have the energy to go downtown without falling asleep mid cuntalingus. The idea of being able to just log on and get off with a way-sexier-than-anyone-you-know internet friend and then pass out 15 minutes later, begins to sound appealing, no? It may sound a little cold but many are not looking for a really meaningful relationship in their life right now, thats too heavy, but they are looking for a little help reaching a certain letter of the alphabet on the regular. Thats why these casual digital friends in the Camgirl Kingdom are so popular. For many, what they offer is a more manageable and arguably more honest arrangement than dating for the overbooked and undersexed.

A typical evening in Jolene Brody's chatroom, complete with old-timey line dancing and fanboy banter.
A typical evening in Jolene Brody’s chatroom, complete with old-timey line dancing and fanboy banter.

Sex work definitely attracts its fair share of criticism, which I have never really understood. The way I see it, if you have a talent for turning people on and getting them off, you should be celebrated, not shunned. Whatever the haters may tweet, creator/performers like Div SavelJolene BrodyConner JayVeronica Chaos and the many others performers of MyFreeCams.com have brought more than a little joy to the dimly lit apartments of workaholics the world around. While I might duck out of the chatroom before they impale themselves on a lightsaber, I’ll tip anonymously and cheer them on in spirit while I take a very very cold shower.

For more on MyFreeCams, check out their coverage from the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo 2016 in Las Vegas where they were the presenting sponsor.


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