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Dragon souled warriors, princess saving plumbers, dildo wielding bikini babes.

The Rebirth of Retro: The Best New Pixel Art Games

With the rise of quality indie developers in recent years, the pixel art platformers of your gaming youth have triumphantly returned. Here is a list of Next gen pixel art games so sexy they will make you "NES hard".

ESL Halo Championship Series Season 2 Finals

If you've ever driven through Burbank California you've no doubt seen the endless rows of unmarked warehouses that fill neighborhood. While most are crammed with old movie props and industrial supplies, behind the walls of one of those unassuming buildings the future of sports is happening.

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Review

There are some terrifically cool moments in LB3 and it was great to see all my favorite DC characters so vibrantly and respectfully rendered, I just wish they would have thought a little less about who else should be in the character roster and a little more about the experience of the player who's been in the Lego-verse more than a few times before.

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