Too Many Cooks, So Many Memories

This short, while obviously meant to be funny, gives me that bittersweet feeling that as a mainstream culture we've lost something special on Friday nights. "Too many Cooks" is a wonderful love letter to that time when a pizza, a few cheap laughs and your family was all you needed for a good time.

The WoodRocket Christmas Special: A Load of Christmas

The golden era XXX-mas movie "Spreading Joy" is hilariously commented on in the tradition of MST3k by Seth's Beard, Lee Roy Myers, Vuko & Veronica Chaos.

Wonder Girls “I Feel You” Music Video

The latest music video from K-pop sensation Wonder Girls features an awesome 80s vibe and enough dancing in revealing spandex to break through the language barrier.

Alice in Wonderland: An X-Rated Musical Comedy Review

Imagine a film with all the colorful characters, cute musical numbers and scenes of endearing innocence that Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory had but with less children and more blowjobs and you would have Alice in Wonderland.
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Pornstar Crush: Angela White

A look at the Pornstar Angela White and how she really is the brilliant, empathetic, healthy, sexy woman we all wish we had in our respective hometowns (and bedrooms).

What your Netflix Queue Says About You

With the right kind of eyes a Netflix queue will tell you everything you want to know about someone. If you only watch Hannah Montana and slasher films, I want to know so I can steer the hell away from you, well, unless your hot, then I'd say lets get together for weirdest double feature ever. This is a list of genres and the kinds of people they draw.

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