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Acidic breast milk shooting shape shifters, fanged vaginas, exploding heads.

Top 25 Pervy Moments From The Highschool of the Dead Series

The fappiest, I mean, funniest moments from the zombie filled tit show PKA Highschool of the Dead. If your looking for blood, boobs & buns, your in the right place.

Top 25 Pervy Moments From The Queen’s Blade Series

The weirdest moments of the sexually overcharged cheesecake show that is the Queen's Blade series. Exiled Virgin, Evil Eye, Beautiful Warriors and Rebellion.

Queen’s Blade: The Exiled Virgin Review

I should have expected a wild, strange and sexually scarring ride from a show who's opening scene has urination, a g-cup shapeshifter that shoots acidic breast milk and more tender white breast meat than 10,000 lifetimes of Thanksgiving dinners but I had no idea what I was getting myself into with the "Queen's Blade" series.

Highschool Of The Dead Review

I remember reading a review of a squeamish anime fan's nauseous reaction to the relentless onslaught of blood, zombies and gratuitous fan service that was "Highschool of the Dead"and I could think of no better endorsement for it than his disgust.

New Cutey Honey Review

This eight episode OVA has all the weird stereotypes you'd from an early 90s anime like over-the-top violence, quasi-pedophilia, robots, absurdly muscular villains, magical girl transformations, tentacles, dirty old men, screaming and of course over-sized physics defying breasts.

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