Some people choose to use their minds and bodies to tackle important issues, to face important challenges head on and make a real difference in the world. That sounded like too much work to us. We’ve used our minds for the considerably less admirable task of over analyzing the movies, TV shows, cartoons, video games, comics, books, events and other crap that have made us the socially awkward weasels fine young escapists that we are today.  This is our home online, where we celebrate all the wonderfully bizarre, nerdy and nostalgic things that we love. You’ll either laugh, cry or run out screaming. Whoever you are, welcome to Rawket Lawnchair.

Still not sure if this place is for you?

  • Do you know the name Bastian gave the child-like Empress?
  • Does the name “Alan Moore” appear on more than 3 spines on your book shelf?
  • Are you more than a little familiar with the term “Gainaxing”?
  • Did you pronounce the name of this site phonetically and recognize what shoot-em-up game its from?
  • Can you name all the X-files episodes that Scully took her shirt off in?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then welcome home friend.

Please send your comments, questions or topless pics to the editor : Ace (at) Rawketlawnchair (dot) com.