The Rebirth of Retro: The Best New Pixel Art Games

With the rise of quality indie developers in recent years, the pixel art platformers of your gaming youth have triumphantly returned. Here is a list of Next gen pixel art games so sexy they will make you "NES hard".

Too Many Cooks, So Many Memories

This short, while obviously meant to be funny, gives me that bittersweet feeling that as a mainstream culture we've lost something special on Friday nights. "Too many Cooks" is a wonderful love letter to that time when a pizza, a few cheap laughs and your family was all you needed for a good time.

YouTube’s Auto Closed Captioning Is Hilarious

A look at why YouTube's unintentionally hilarious Auto Closed Caption option is the best new way to watch videos. "Front USB Canon Cock" FTW.

Top 25 Pervy Moments From The Highschool of the Dead Series

The fappiest, I mean, funniest moments from the zombie filled tit show PKA Highschool of the Dead. If your looking for blood, boobs & buns, your in the right place.

Kung Fury Review

I love everything about the now long lost "Revenge cop" genre of the 1980s so to see David Sandberg and his company Laser Unicorns pen such a heartfelt love letter to the genre with their short "Kung Fury" just brings teary-eyed right back to glow of the TV lit basement of my youth.

The WoodRocket Christmas Special: A Load of Christmas

The golden era XXX-mas movie "Spreading Joy" is hilariously commented on in the tradition of MST3k by Seth's Beard, Lee Roy Myers, Vuko & Veronica Chaos.

Suburban Commando Review

Despite all the hand-me-down props, cheap looking sets and awful dialogue its a blast to watch. Watching this movie is kinda like telling your friends you love them; its corny, embarrassing and really only should be done once an a while but its a solid wholesome good time that will leave you feeling better than you did going in.

Wonder Girls “I Feel You” Music Video

The latest music video from K-pop sensation Wonder Girls features an awesome 80s vibe and enough dancing in revealing spandex to break through the language barrier.

Beetlejuice Review

I will always have a special place in my heart for Tim Burton's films, both the good and the bad. They are the dark dusty old blankets that have kept me warm through the long cold nights of life as an outcast and "Beetlejuice" is one of his finest moments.

Project A Review

Its a brilliantly choreographed frenzy of action, drama and comedy. Dynamic performances by the leads and a gimmick storyline keeps the fun going the whole hour an a half runtime. If your a Kung Fu  connoisseur or new to the genre, Project A is a buffet of clever comedic Kung Fu served up by the master chef of the genre.